CEWOOD SIA is a 100% Latvian company with its plant based in Jaunlaicene, in the municipality of Alūksne. The scenic region of Vidzeme is rich in forests and high quality timber, which is the main raw material used in the making of CEWOOD panels. 

The company has successfully adopted 50 year old Latvian traditions of manufacturing wood wool panels. Initially, wood wool panels were used to insulate buildings and build structures, whereas today, apart from these applications, acoustic and design panels are also made to be used widely in various interior design solutions across the globe. CEWOOD products are exported to Europe, Asia and the USA. 

CEWOOD is a natural, environmentally friendly material that is harmless to human health and made of top quality wood wool. Cement mixed with water is used as the binding agent. Depending on the application, CEWOOD panels are divided into 3 groups: acoustic, design and construction panels.