CEWOOD obtains FSC certification

CEWOOD is a responsible, future-oriented company which has set as its basic objective the natural quality of the panels that it produces, which is why focus is on the source of the raw materials. As CEWOOD continues its commitment to sustainable and responsible production and sourcing of raw materials, the company has received FSC certification. Forest Stewardship Council A.C. (FSC) promotes environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests across the globe. The demands that FSC sets its members correspond to all CEWOOD objectives, which is why this certification was identified as one of the priorities of 2021.


The FSC certificate confirms that CEWOOD operates according to the highest social and environmental standards. The FSC label is a way of informing your co-operation partners and clients about the accountable practices of the company, thereby also strengthening the company’s reputation and — most importantly — demonstrating the company’s accountability in environmental matters.


“The main source of CEWOOD panels is the Latvian spruce, and, bearing in mind that the tree is “the green gold” of Latvia, we would like to preserve this treasure also for our children and grandchildren. Responsible sourcing of raw materials and sustainable production is no longer a matter of choice for businesses today — it is a duty, an objective that must be met, so that Latvia and the world are green for many more years,” stresses Ingars Ūdris, the Board Member of CEWOOD.


CEWOOD is a Latvian company with a factory in Jaunlaicene, which produces wood wool panels widely used around the globe. The panels are particularly suitable for finishing of ceilings and walls, offering several advantages: 100% natural origin, effective noise absorption, improved acoustic comfort and healthy indoor climate. It is a cost-effective solution of ceiling and wall finishing, quick and easy to mount, and durable. The company pays a lot of attention to ensure that the panels contain only 100% natural, high-quality components that are sourced in an environmentally friendly way. Panels are made of FSC or PEFC certified timber using green energy. Our panels also have received quality and sustainability certification, such as Nature Plus, M1, Powered by Green, and now also FSC.